Monday, January 7, 2013

A Framework for the Unspeakable

The quote above was taken with permission from a post on Pandora's Aquarium. It was written in reply to a survivor who spoke up about her rape to specific friends online and received very few responses. Jessica shared with that poster that the same thing had happened to her and that she eventually reached the conclusion that many of her friends probably wanted to respond but had no idea what to say or do. That rape silences everyone, not just survivors and that "we have no framework for how to talk about the things society has made unspeakable."

That comment gave me the truth-chills.

The horrifying gang-rapes in Steubenville and New Delhi India have gotten the world talking about rape again. But just like the conversations dealing with gun rights after the horrifying deaths in Newtown, CT, we can't let this issue fade when the limelight has moved on. We need to create a framework for discussing the unspeakable all the time. Because the unspeakable happens ALL THE TIME.

There is a Twitter campaign happening right now using the hashtag #2013endrape, started by @wolfe321. While that's no doubt a lofty goal, I think we can make great strides toward achieving it this year and I want to be involved. I want to help create a framework for the discussion that will make it a possibility.

To accomplish all of my diverse goals for this year, I feel I need to make a fresh start online. My blog will likely remain, for a time at least, but will return to a "blogspot" address as I start a new self-hosted website with more interactive capabilities.

For my writerly-rambles I started a Tumblr over the holidays and very soon I will be partnering with Christa Desir on another Tumblr focused on sexual assault. (If you are on Tumblr, please share a link!)

Many more plans are still in the brainstorming phase, all of which make me excited and nervous and eager to share. My brain is turning and turning over the possibilities.  I hope you will share my excitement when all is revealed.

Until then, I'm wishing all of you a wonderful year of accomplishing all that you set out to do!


  1. That is a very powerful quote. I hope that with the concerted efforts of people like you, and me, and all your readers, we will be able to make progress against violence against women, and maybe that will some day lead to less violence against all human beings period.

    Best of luck with all the goals you want to accomplish this year, Alina!

  2. Thank you. Love the quote, love your initiative. Hope I can be one of the drops in the bucket of change.


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