Monday, November 19, 2012

Empowerment Project--Original Piano Composition "Masking the Pain"

I'm thrilled to share with all of you, seventeen-year-old composer, Accalia Murray's, original song: "Masking the Pain".

Isn't she talented?  Music composition is a complete mystery to me. I'm awed by this.

Here's what Accalia had to say about her emotional composition:

"Every time you try to hide the pain, it returns in bursts and eats you alive. I would know. Facing it is the only thing you can do. Face your fears, your pain, your sorrow, and then move on. Become healthy again."

Thank you for letting me share your incredible talent and insight on my blog, Accalia!

Now, everyone, please head over to Accalia's YouTube channel to enjoy more of her original pieces! I'm sure she'd appreciate you subscribing and spreading the word if you like what you've heard. :)

Also, if you need an extra dose of kindness in your life, please head over to the new dedicated blog for  The Kindness Project. We all need more kindness in our blogrolls, don't we?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, USA!


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