Monday, October 29, 2012

Empowerment Project--Sweet Dreams

I have another dreamy piece of artwork to share with all of you. This is from Star, the same talented artist who gave us Butterflies in Belize. And a new contributor, Frieda, supplied the uplifting poem inscribed upon it (and reprinted here, below).

Hang on to the stars, hang onto that hope
hurricanes will try to break your spirit 
swing from the sky with sheer delight
up high on the moon, next to a constellation
let your problems vanish into thin air
remember when you were a kid
you kicked and pumped to make it go
never stop kicking, never give up the stars never let go, 
swing to your heart's content

Hurricane Sandy, bearing down on the coast right now, makes this post even more universal.  Here's to starry skies for all and swinging underneath them with our loved ones.  Sending safe wishes to anyone in the path of the storm, and hugs to everyone out there reading. 

Thanks Star and Frieda, for letting me share your fantastic collaboration!

**If this Empowerment Project post made you smile, think, cheer or tear, please let these amazing contributors know! It's always appreciated.


  1. LOVE this, Frieda and Star! The image and poetry match perfectly: freeing and beautiful, full of nostalgia but also forward-looking. Thank you!

  2. Oh, this is wonderful. And as I watch the sun try and come out after the very real hurricane battered our town, it feels even more important. I hope others will read this and look forward to better times ahead.

  3. Star and Fieda, thank you so much for sharing your talents and your souls! The art is stunning and the poem really speaks to me on many levels.

  4. GORGEOUS artwork! I loved Butterflies in Belize, but I might love this even more...

    Favorite lines:
    "never stop kicking, never give up the stars never let go,
    swing to your heart's content"

    just beautiful. Thanks, Star & Frieda! <3

  5. Another masterpiece starry Picasso, thanks for your talent and warm heart, as always! :) xx


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