Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kindness Project--Prioritizing is Hard

Too often kindness is relegated to a random act performed only when we’re feeling good. But an even greater kindness (to ourselves and others) occurs when we reach out even when we aren't feeling entirely whole. It’s not easy, and no one is perfect. But we’ve decided it’s not impossible to brighten the world one smile, one kind word, one blog post at a time. To that end, a few of us writers have established The Kindness Project, starting with a series of inspirational posts. We post the second Wednesday of every month.

I wasn't sure I'd be able to write a Kindness Project post this month for two reasons. 1. My kids are on summer vacation, and with me 24/7. and 2. My book was recently released. A stellar combo for head explosion.

Time is short, my to-do list is long and prioritizing is hard.

Yesterday we met a good friend and her kids for a day at a water-park.  She invited me to meet her for coffee afterward, solo, so we could actually chat and catch up as water parks are not particularly conducive to such conversation. My first thought was: Oh, I can't! that's my only chance to write my kindness project post and I have yet to even think of an idea! I have no time for coffee. I must figure out something KIND to write about!

And then it dawned on me that meeting a close friend I rarely see for coffee is kind and even more it's important. Way more important than trying to brainstorm something kind and meaningful to write a blog-post about. It was one of those epiphanies that feels profound when it hits you but is painfully obvious in retrospect.

Just like the moment I realized I had to let my plans for blog-tours and press-releases (Ha! like I know the first thing.) slide, for now. My kids are home for one more month, and then kindergarten starts for my oldest and we'll be on a bullet-train toward graduation. I'll never get this summer back. He'll never get this summer back.

Sometimes the kindest thing we can do is to spend time with the people we love most and let them come first.

So that's what I'm focusing on this summer.

Fishing with my boys

How about you?

Be sure to check out the other July posts for The Kindness Project to be inspired.


  1. This is something I've been dealing with too. Well, all the time as a writer, trying to balance the mom life and the writer life. I'm not sure it's ever possible to fully balance it. So you have to prioritize. Sacrifice.

    But it's not such a big sacrifice, really. Or it won't seem like it when you look back. You'll never wish you had less time with the people you love. It's a kindness you extend to them and to yourself. Really great reminder, Alina.

  2. I kind of wrote the same post, or at least my head was in the same place and you articulated it far better. :)

    Enjoy your summer with your babies.


  3. Yes! So true. We just started kindergarten, wait, my son is going into 5th grade. That's how fast it goes. Enjoy. Soak them up. I've written next to nothing all summer, but that's okay. And I would DIE for coffee time with friends. Glad you got some:)

  4. Time is something that will never return to us. Beautiful reminder, so thank you.

  5. Your post is filled with such truth. I have such a tendency to want alone time--to write, or relax, or clean, or stare at the walls--that it's really easy to forget the rest of the world. But at the same time, when I take the time to connect with other people, with my friends and my family, I never, ever regret it. I hope you have an awesome summer with the kiddos! :)

  6. Oh, Alina! What a great choice to make. The BEST choice. And a great reminder. You're so right about that bullet train. I remember starting kindergarten, and now we're at 5th grade-! Crazy.

    Enjoy your summer~ <3

  7. Yes, time spent investing in people is always the best choice! You can't get these days back with your family, and you should feel good about your decision!
    I hope you enjoy EVERY MINUTE of your summer!!

  8. Yes! It's so important to make time for the people who are important in our lives. I don't have kids, but I have a 3-yo Goddaughter who seems to be growing up so fast I'm almost dizzy. I always try to spend as much time with her as possible. You can't get the time back.

    Enjoy the summer with your family. :)

  9. My daughter is just starting college and I can't believe the time has gone so quickly. Enjoy every minute. Sounds like you have your priorities completely sorted. Well done. Great post.

  10. I LOVE this post, because it rang so true for me. I need to prioritize and make sure my family is at the top of the list. Sometimes writing seems SO IMPORTANT. But really, it will always be there. My children won't. Thank you for this reminder.

  11. Hahahaha--I love this! "I don't have time to be kind to you in person because I have to go write an inspirational post about being kind to others!" Such a good point, Alina. It's so easy to forget what's important.

  12. My dad constantly reminds me:
    1. God
    2. Family
    3. Everything else

    This is his thing, but it's a good reminder about priorities. I like yours better;)

    1. Oh man I love Christa's list :)

      And Alina, your post gave me such a warm feeling. I'd love to be part of your blog tour if you do end up having one.

  13. I definitely can attest to the bullet train to graduation phenomenon. :( I feel like it was yesterday that I was pushing 32 and pushing my first-born out of my womb...and now he'll be taking his first class at the IU campus this fall and 2 measly years until he formally attends university.

    You are right: the kindest thing to your kids, your friends, and yourself is to make time for them NOW, not later. :)


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