Monday, July 9, 2012

Empowerment Project--Breaking Rape Culture

I just love this drawing by Eve Yl.

Her heroine should have a series of graphic novels, don't you think?  Including a feature film spinoff and other product tie-ins. That's my vote!

Thank you so much, Eve, for letting me post your gorgeous and empowering sketch!


  1. This drawing is wonderful! I love the power she is bringing to this - not just with the sword, but with her fierce strong look. It shows a girl can dress how she wants, wear her hair how she wants, be who she wants - it is NOT an invitation for rape. Eve, I agree with Alina...let's see the graphic novel for this gal!

  2. Awesome!! I love it!! It's a great message of showing the physical strength of a girl/woman while also showing that she can be feminine ie Women can do and be anything!!!

  3. That is so kick butt. The character is soooo pretty and strong. She can do anything. Would love to see her in a graphic novel!!

  4. Oh wow, I love the beauty and power that's portrayed here. I want to know this girl's story, and see her kick some bootay!!!

  5. Love it!! Definitely agree that she would look awesome in a graphic novel! Love the expression on her face.

  6. That's such a great drawing!


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