Friday, July 6, 2012

Do you ever . . . ?


Angst over whether you're doing things right? Silly things, like responding to blog comments the "right" way? (I've been playing with the email reply route for my blog after the last few posts and I like it because I think the people I'm responding to are more likely to see my response, but at the same time I worry about any soul who wanders blindly out here onto my fringe and wonders what kind of jerk I am for never responding to my comments?!)

Read your own writing but continually trip over the current version because your brain insists upon inserting words that were cut 6 revisions ago?

Feel vaguely stressed no matter what you are doing because there are twelve bajillion other things in your life that are pressing and urgent and should be attended to NOW! And oh yeah, you have friends and emails that are not getting responded to in a timely manner.  And your kids need you.

Wish that humans weren't required to eat so darned often so you could skip a few days purely to save the time and energy invested in making meals?

Think that you're the only one to wonder about such things because everyone else is too organized and sane?

Yes to any? Which ones?

It's all too true for me.

PS. That Goodreads giveaway in the top corner of my blog ends today! Please sign up for a chance to win if you haven't already.

PPS. Also in the "if you haven't already" category, please check out this interview I did last week with Leigh T. Moore, in which she asked me the tough questions. :)

PPPS. I just had to go back to the most recent EP post and reply to the comments there so it would show up on the blog. :)

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Maybe I should have just said "all of the above." Especially your worry over doing things right. I stress about that all. The. Time. Quite debilitating, actually. Then add all the other stuff and you get a cocktail of "beat yourself up" on the rocks. Wahoo.

    I think the truth, though, is that everyone struggles. Everyone questions their choices, process, and result. You're not alone.

    And I don't believe there is one way of getting it right. Nor do I believe that every one else's process is seamless and perfect (even though it might feel that way because we don't get to see their mess, only their awesome). At least that is what I keep telling myself so I don't give up.

    Alina, I think you're fabulous! Thank you for sharing light and hope. I always feel uplifted after leaving here. And, as far as comments go, keep doing what you're doing. You make those who DO comment feel special with the personal email. Anyone who judges you based on what the comment section does or does not look like, well, *blows raspberries*

    It doesn't change that you're amazing.


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