Thursday, April 5, 2012

Plush Duck and Media Training

You win again, Teresa! :D

As much as I love these caption contests, I'm going to finish out this month and then give everyone the summer off.   I think we all have plenty of outlets for our creative energies and summer is when mine get  tapped out.  Soooo, three more weeks to go. I'm gonna enjoy it while I can!

This past weekend I went to an SCBWI Media Training workshop in Nashville, Tennessee. Mimi Bliss presented, and she offered loads of valuable tips. One of the most simple, but one that I'd never considered, was that it is actually okay to pick up the phone and call a reporter (start local) with an offer of a story or interview. Who knew? I guess I lumped reporters in with literary agents: don't call us, we'll call you.  It makes sense, though. Reporters want news and if you have a solid offering, pitch it politely, and make their job easy they may jump on it. 

Mimi also taped some practice interviews with some of us, and sent us home with a DVD of the experience. Being interviewed was nerve-wracking, even while surrounded by an audience of supportive writers.  I'd need a lot of practice before I could do it for real, but it made me feel confident that I could handle it if the opportunity ever arose.

While I was in Nashville, I was lucky enough to share a hotel room with a two amazing writers (one an author/illustrator) and we stayed up swapping stories, advice and family pictures far into the night.  It was the cherry on top of a fun, enlightening and worthwhile experience.

Minutes after I got home on Sunday, my husband passed the kid-baton and headed up to Chicago for a conference.  This week our kids are on spring break so it has been a whirlwind, to say the least.  A fun whirlwind. We've played with lots of friends, some new and others we haven't seen in ages, and, just today, my five-year-old learned to ride a bike! Daddy came home and got to see.  We're very proud. :)

I appreciate those of you who stopped by and held down the fringe while I was away.

Your comments make this bloggy thing worthwhile. <3


  1. *taking a bow* Thanks, Alina!

    The Media Training workshop sounds like a really terrific event; so glad you learned lots and connected with some new friends. :)

    Do you and your hubby ever get to see each other? LOL!

    Hooray for your son on learning how to ride a bike! That is such a fun milestone.

  2. Congrats on him learning to ride a bike! And I wish you had the kids with you while in Nashville. We could have met up somewhere (in your downtime) and had a playmate! :)


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