Friday, March 23, 2012

Caption Contest--Meet Ze Gecko

A new entry for your captioning pleasure, and my caption reading pleasure. :)

If you're new here, please click the "rules" like above for how the caption contest works. This round ends March 28th, midnight EST.  Thanks for playing! <3


  1. It says it is a rock but I am not convinced!

    The pic has given me a story idea :) thanks!

    1. :D

      That's so great, Tara! You'll have to tell me about the story sometime. :)

  2. I'm gonna need a little help with the corkscrew on this one.

  3. Oh, those other two comments are good! But, I'll try one too anyway. :)

    "I *hic* was NOT *hic* in the wine!"

  4. You guys are on a roll! Thanks for playing. <3

  5. I am loving these! Keep 'em coming. :) Don't forget, the drawing is next Friday and just by playing you're entered!


I never bite the hand that comments

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