Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Friday

I loved all of the entries from last week, but somebody had to win!  Here it is:

That Tom was sort of a stinker, so it seemed particularly appropriate. Congrats, John! If you could, please email me about the book. :)

Now for this week's photo: 

Yes, that's a turnip. Do it proud, guys. :)

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  1. "You think that's big? You should see the one that got away!"

  2. hahahaha...that turkey pic is HILARIOUS. And holy hugesness on that turnip!!!!

  3. I love what John said: I vote he wins again. ;)

    Wow! A turnip as big as your head! Our sweet potatoes tend to be that big; we joke about playing football with them (you could kill the other player with one).

  4. My mom makes me home made my snugly turnip, Stranglehold

  5. Yay, momofserra, for giving John a run for his money! You guys are awesome.

    Teresa, You don't get a vote. You only get to PLAY. :D Your last one was awesome and you have a few days to think "turnip". Your sweet potatoes sound incredible, btw.

    Melanie, play play!

  6. "OK, here's the plan: I'm going to sit here looking cute, pretending this turnip is a rocket ship. You go find the cookies."

  7. Look, Mommy! I found one of those Mandake cweatures from Harry Totter!

  8. Dang, Mel, you took mine. Will have to think on this for a while...


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