Monday, February 27, 2012

Empowerment Project-- A Strong Woman

Human behaviour.

A Strong Woman
 By: Holly
There is a woman sweet and kind,
always has so many things on her mind:
She gives a smile through all her tears,
but inside she suffers a thousand fears.
People may think of her as a talented teacher,
but few can ever, truly reach her.

A vision of quintessence, all women's inspirations,
she really is one of God's greatest creations.
We long to hear her soothing voices,
to be like her and make the right choices.
Oh, how we wish for her courage and strengths.
To get like her, we'd go to such lengths.

This woman always gives her devotion,
hardly ever shows any emotion
Someone who's there for you from the start.
Strong, brave, gentle, such a good heart.
Everything about her is honest and free;
She is everything that I want to be

Who is this woman who's been sent from above?
Can you meet her and give her your love?
Is it someone near? Do you have far to go?
Can you tell her she's special? She needs to know!
She is the person responsible for your health.
She is merely, but ones self.

You are stronger than you think!
Believe in yourself, trust in yourself.

Thank you so much for sharing your poem, Holly. I agree that we're all stronger than we think, and we can each be a force for good to ourselves and others.  <3


  1. Hey, that's a great poem! And a great reminder to believe in ourselves. Thanks, Holly & Alina! :o) <3


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