Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monsters and Pretties

Last night as I was draining the water from my sons' bath my youngest asked: "Does all the water go down and splash on the monster's head?"

"What?" I asked, not sure I heard him right.

He pointed at the drain. "Down there in the pipes and splash on that monster's head?"

I laughed.  I knew the monster-under-the-bed was universal, but not the one in the bathtub drain!  I wrote a poem about it years ago and so I recited it to my baby while I brushed his teeth.

The Monster in My Bathtub

There's a monster in my bathtub
It lives down inside the drain.
The eyes that glitter up at me
Look hungry and insane.

It growls and gurgles noisily,
And grumbles as it slurps.
Quite sick of dirty water,
It grunts and coughs and burps.

It really wants to swallow me,
for breakfast I suppose.
Every time my foot falls near
I feel it suck my toes!

I'll never get back in there,
I'll withstand my mother's wrath
'Cause although she won't believe it,
There's a monster in my bath!

Day 134: drained...

My little guy laughed at the poem and I think he really liked it that we had an understanding about that ol' monster, down there.

Also, take a look at the pretty, pretty around my neck!  Jess won last month's contest, but I ended up the real winner when she made and sent me this!  

Thanks, Jess! I love it, you sweet, talented girl! *hugs via internet*


  1. Very cute poem Alina! My daughter use to be afraid of the "thing" in the tub. Everytime I'd pull the plug in the bath it would make a slurping sound as the water went down and she thought something was living in the drain. She would have loved this poem.

    Lovely necklace! Always special when someone makes a gift.

  2. Thanks, Michelle! It is universal, then, huh? Who knew? I found a song about a bathtub monster today, too, but that one didn't live in the drain--which makes no sense to me. ;)

    And homemade gifts, especially, are very nice, huh? I think you deserve a lot of those. :)

  3. I don't remember thinking about a monster in my tub when I was 3, but I do remember peeing in the tub at that age. OMG!!! I can't believe I did that. LOL!

    Such an adorable poem; have you tried placing it at Ladybug?

    I love homemade gifts too! Guess it's why I do it every holiday season, as exhausting as it it. :}

  4. Arrgh! I thought I replied to you, Teresa! It must not have "taken" from my phone. :)

    That makes me laugh so hard that you peed in the bathtub! I remember getting into trouble for doing the same thing. And I think I was even in the tub with some sisters. Ha!

    I remember submitting something to Ladybug (or Cricket) years ago and getting rejected. I have loads of poems, though. Maybe I'll try again someday. :)

    I so love that you make your Christmas presents. That's a daunting proposition, but so meaningful!


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