Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girls Who Can Fly Are Better Than Viruses

Sometimes life and novel research intersect.  This month, mine is doing just that.  Sometimes its fun and quirky when it happens.  This time, not so much.  You see, I'm researching viruses in all their many variations at the moment, and also hosting the most common of them relentlessly in my own body.

I solemnly swear that my next book will be about girls who can fly.

Tomorrow I plan to start a real blog thing that I believe I can actually manage to do every week. Wow, a real blog thing, you ask?  Yes, a real one. For my blog. Not even remotely fake.  Stay tuned, if you wish...


  1. Awesome! *sends healthy flying vibes*

  2. I fly all the time in my dreams...yup, it is better than hosting viruses. :}


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