Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Klout? Or Clobber?

Recently I performed a rather unscientific test.  See, there's this website called "Klout" that I've heard mentioned several times on Twitter. It claims to be able to measure things like "impact" and "reach" in social media, ie. Facebook and Twitter. Since I'm hopeless on Facebook, I decided to take a look at my "Klout" on Twitter.

I looked at it and said: Hmmmm.  Then I thought: I wonder what would happen if I interacted with as many people as humanly possible on Twitter for one day? Would it effect this "Klout" score at all? So I tried it. And here are the results:

See that sharp nosedive near the end? That, my friends, is what me getting involved looks like.  I admit, I laughed when I saw it. 

Anyway, my takeaway message from this brief study was that I don't need anything besides my own brain telling me where I'm failing in life, especially those times when I try and fail.  So, I've decided to go back to the traditional spelling and meaning of the word: "Clout". When I want to get a better idea of my "impact" and "reach" on anything I'll just give it a good clobber and see how it holds up. I'll bet my "clout" is at least a 78...

And here is a picture that I must share from the pajama party at the SCBWI National Conference:

It's of me and my friend Debra Driza dressed up as characters from Libba Bray's "Beauty Queens". And that's Libba, between us, being an excellent sport.  She signed our sashes and I'm using mine as a bookmark. Which reminds me, I must get that laminated.  If I were to clout it now, I'm not sure it would hold up.


  1. Klout sounds kind of like Google's Page Ranker..all a bunch of algorithms I don't understand...LOL!

    As far as I'm concerned, anyone who can dress up like a "Beauty Queen" definitely has Clout! ;)

  2. I noticed the Klout thing, myself - I'm glad someone else thinks it's bogus! The amount of subliminal marketing presented as "new technology" blows my mind.

    And how cool is it that you met Libba Bray! Awesome.

  3. Haha! Thanks Teresa. :D

    R&R, Klout, schmout, I say. And Libba Bray was so nice! And so darned funny in person. Even more than online which is saying something. :)

  4. Technological babble isn't supposed to make sense. Thus I don't worry about those charts and what not and just keep doing what I'm doing.

    I gave you a blog award! Irresistably Sweet


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