Friday, July 29, 2011

Face skills

There just isn't enough time in the day, lately, to post thoughtful words here.  Instead I'm going to post extremely silly photos and a video. It has come to my attention that not everyone can lift each of their eyebrows individually. So, I have decided that since I have boasted that I possess this skill, it seems only right to prove it.


Right brow:

Left brow:

(The hand in front of my face is because, well, did you see the glare on my nose in that last pic? Eesh.)

And, as a bonus, here is a video of the only other face-skill I have.  One I shared with my mom. It doesn't look like much, but just see if you can pop your lip in and out this fast. It's a skill few possess!  And, okay, maybe few want to... Shut it, and just watch in wonder.

 Do you have any special body or face skills? :)


  1. This made me laugh out loud and I needed that today! Thank you!

  2. :D I'm glad I could give you a laugh, Dana. Hopefully it was followed by a feeling of awe...

  3. You are such a riot!! Your eyebrow thing reminds me of the Six Million Dollar Man, the way he was always raising one eyebrow. But he wasn't nearly as talented as you, who can raise both independently! LOL!

    Nope, I have no special facial talents - or at least none I care to share with the world. ;D

  4. I can lift my eyebrows independently, too! :) As I kid, I was a fan of Star Trek (I still am!) and wanted to be able raise an eyebrow like Spock. I remember climbing up onto the bathroom counter and sitting inches from the mirror while I used my fingers to hold down each eyebrow until I figured out how to work them separately. I've always been a committed problem-solver. ;-)

  5. Haha, Teresa, now you've got me curious...;)

    John, we are SO making faces at each other next time we meet!


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