Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Mexico, Segunda Parte

Okay, lets see if I can speak about New Mexico without using "desert" as my sole descriptor and without Blogger blowing up in my face as it's been wont to do lately.  And....go!

At the farm I discovered that mesquite--the wood often used to grill or smoke delicious meats--looks like this:

It was growing all over the farm and when they made us dinner all they had to do was go over and kick off a few dead branches to add to the grill.  It smelled great and also made a lovely fire to see each other by as we ate. (You can't make a fire on the ground out there because the wildfire risk is so high.  There are plenty still burning through the woodlands as we speak.)

Here, also, are pictures of the indoor kitchen (in a camper). The milk-house, and an outdoor bath area with a solar shower.

And let us not forget, the donkeys that guard the goats! They were extremely sweet and approachable, but Pat (our adorable farm-hand tour guide) said that was partly because he'd spoiled them with carrots that morning. :D

I learned so much from my visit to the farm and can't wait to see what they have in store for next time.

Before we left the homestead we stopped to take a closer look at the Rio Grande:

Then we went for a quick bath at the Riverbend hot-springs (a gorgeous place also owned by the farm-owner) where you can walk from the natural hot mineral-springs down a stairway into the ice-cold Rio Grande.

After re-warming myself in the hottest pool (boy did it tingle!), Heather and I got dressed and hit the road to our next adventure!


  1. Orale!!! Que entretenido :D (How fun!)

  2. So jealous of the hot springs. ...Well, the whole trip really.

  3. Goat-guarding donkeys, eh? Hmmm...maybe we'll have to get a couple of donkeys once we get a couple of goats. One thing leads to another, as The Fixx said. ;)

    This is my favorite way to travel, BTW: vicariously!

  4. Monica, I love Spanish! I think it's a gorgeous language. I wish I knew more than just what I look up on the internet and try to pronounce correctly. ;P

    Yes, Teresa! "D The other option are guard Llamas. I think we'll go that route because they're quieter. :D

    Vicarious travel is okay--but not a candle to the real thing for me!

  5. Oops, Lally, missed your comment without a pretty picture! You're totally invited on the next research trip! Heather already offered to be my official driver, but the position of "backseat driver" is still available. :)

    Also, I think it's worth noting that two of my three commenters share a birthday! Lalove, meet Monica B.W. :D Seriously, what are the odds?

  6. Hey, where is my pretty picture?! I guess your blog doesn't like my face ;)
    I'm in for backseat drivering! I'm really good at it.

    Hi Monica, Nice to meet a birthday sharer! Pretty slim odds, but even odder would be if you were born in a car... ?

  7. Ah, yes, quiet is nice. Have you ever been to Schact Farms? They sell at various farmers markets around So IN. Anyway, we went to their open house one time and admired their guard llamas. Very cute!

  8. Lal, I think the universe would break if you were both born in cars. ;P

    Teresa, I haven't been there, but they are one of the farms I've stumbled across in my searches for the types of animals I want to have. They have lots of things I want. Lots. :D

  9. I want guard llamas too! And miniature donkeys (i.e. burritos)! Do you think my llamas will guard my burritos? :D

  10. Hmmm, Tara, they may weigh their options between guarding them and eating them themselves. Mmmmmm, burrrrrritos! ;P


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