Thursday, April 7, 2011

My points to Japan, please.

Riddle #2 was solved by Lalove! So proud of my baby sister.  Cootchie-coo you little 31-year-old. Wait, are you 31 or 32?  How old am I? Hmmm.

Today I was going to write a long (thoughtful?) post, but the only thing on my mind at the moment is that I'm incredibly grateful that everyone I love is safe.  I haven't heard details, yet, but I hope all the people of Japan can say the same for their loved ones after this latest quake.

Universe, if I have any bonus points with you at all right now, please give them to Japan.


  1. Oh you big sister, you. You embarrass me! But I guess that's what big sisters are for :) I have conveniently forgotten my age, and I don't intend to remember.

    I will gladly let Japan have all of the bonus points the universe has to offer as well... And I think this is a very thoughtful post.

  2. That is indeed what big sisters are for. :D And thanks, Sweetums.


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