Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Blind Leading

It may have become apparent that I have no idea what to do with this place.  I'm coasting on rhymes at the moment, trying to figure it out.  There are several swell blogs around to help people improve their writing--offering better advice than I ever could--so that's out.

I had a notion, once, that I could talk about various routes to publication and the future of books and publishing, but let's be honest, I have no idea.  I only know about the two ways I've been published and those only vaguely.  I share speculations as they cross my  nog, but that's all they are--and often ill-informed to boot.

I'd like to share daily news of my publishing journey, but 99% would say: "stiiiiill waiting".

I suppose I could talk about my work(s)-in-progress, but I don't particularly like to discuss those, and my editor seems to think it's a bad idea anyway.  Plus, anything I posted here would only look  worse than my current drafts do, which is to say: YIPES!

Sooo, I'm not sure which-a-way to go.  I guess I'll keep hobblin' along, with riddles, rants and randomness until a direction comes and takes my by the hand.  But then I'll probably tug back because I don't like being led.

All this to say: I adore you, dear lunatics, but I'm the blind, here, ya know?

How about you?  See anything?


  1. Since I'm equally "blind", I'll happily follow you! :) Could you just sure the walls are padded? I'm clumsy in addition to being blind.

  2. I love to be riddled and rhymed! Keep em coming!

  3. Aw, thanks, Teresa, but I dislike leading almost as much as following! I'd rather hold hands and skip through a wide-open meadow. Deal? :D

    Tara, great! Then I'll riddle you with questions: What's life like in New Zealand, I hear you have a new job, hmmm? Have you sprouted wings and become a flightless bird, yet? When will I get to hug on you again? And *when* will I get to read more of that fantabulous book you are writing? Oh, I could go on.... Miss you, girly. <333

  4. Holding hands and skipping through a meadow sounds lovely...let's do that instead! :)


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