Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Because this is kinda--okay, REALLY--cool!

I attended Saundra Mitchell's book-launch party and ended up in Publishers Weekly!  I had to take a screen shot and post it here because, well, how cool is it to be pictured in a digital mag you're a devoted reader of? And in such good company, too! (Seriously, guys, read these lovely ladies books--all of them--they're awesome!)


  1. Cool! I had to blow it up, but I'm glad to say that I could pick out which one was you without reading the list. :)

  2. YAY for the launch party! Not YAY because it seems I need glasses since I couldn't read the small print, lol.

  3. Ahaha, thanks girls, I just wish it would blow up to poster size. ;)

  4. Waay cool! If I weren't drowning in a sea of magazines, I'd subscribe to PW.

    Unlike Angie, I couldn't pick you out because I'd never met you before, and my middle-aged eyes aren't worth the sockets they sit in. ;) I did narrow it down to Teryn and you though.


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