Friday, March 25, 2011

Who's your PAL?

That's right--I'm your PAL! Not only because we're pals--I mean, I adore each and every person who takes time out of their busy lives to read the ramblings of this particular lunatic--but also because I am, indeed, a PAL author!

PAL (Published And Listed) is a Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) ranking.  It is reserved for authors who have books published with houses that the SCBWI lists.  For a time it was up in the air whether namelos would be included, but word came yesterday that we're in.  Huzzah!

Basically, this means that my namelos books can be featured at SCBWI events, and I can be invited to participate and even speak at them (um...yikes?).  Since I'm quite active in my local chapter this is particularly great news for me.  But more than that, it's great news for my publisher.  Stephen Roxburgh (and his lovely cohorts--hi Karen!) are pioneering a new publishing model, and this adds a major dose of credence.  Stephen was always respected, and again he's been accepted .

So, there he goes, taking a giant leap away from the lunatic fringe--back into that cold stream they call "main".  But I'm content to dawdle out here, where swings dangle invitingly, the water is warm, and my lovely lunatics come out to write and play.

Thanks so much to all of you for being my pals even before I was a PAL.  <333


  1. Yay!!! :)

    So I was looking at the SCBWI site, and was wondering if is there a way to officially be a PAL or do you automatically become a PAL once you list publications that are published by one of SCBWI's cadre of publishers?

  2. Thanks, Teresa! :D

    I'm not entirely certain how it works, actually. I think it is something that is automatic and retroactive, but your publisher must be on the list. If they're not, you can submit an appeal to have them considered for addition. :)

    I will email you if I discover any new details! :)

  3. Congrats!!
    That's so awesome! :D

  4. Thanks, Alina! Babybug and Ladybug are both on the list, but I wasn't sure whether one had to do anything else (like sign and seal with one's blood) to make it official. ;>

  5. Ha! Teresa, please don't submit *that* for consideration. They might like it. ;)


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