Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Need a Late-Night Place to Write?

Last night I had a scene I was itching to write for my new novel.  I decided I'd be most successful if I got out of the house and away from domestic distractions.  Problem was that the library and all the coffee shops around me close at 9 pm and I didn't even leave the house until 7:30.  An hour and a half isn't nearly enough time for me to pound out a scene (is it for any writer?  Probably).

I was stumped and irritated, but after a little thought I ended up at the perfect writing place: the grocery store!  Seriously.  They have a cafe seating area.  They're open all night, there was a 75 cent cappuccino machine arms-length from my table, and there was no free wi-fi (that evil temptress) to distract me.  I bought a banana, some sushi, and a drink and I wrote for three blissful hours in complete solitude.  Seems it's not a popular hangout?  I'm completely serious when I say I cannot imagine why.  If you need a writing spot for a night owl, Marsh is the place!

Plus, I brought home groceries.  :)


  1. That is awesome! The only problem would be sleeping after enjoying those late night cappuccino's...

  2. I don't know what is more pathetic: that you're this excited about writing at the grocery store, or that I'm this jealous that you got to write at a grocery store... ("24 hours! Cafe! $.75 cappuccinos!") Suffice it to say...we're both kinda lame! Must be why we heart each other so...

  3. Too true, Lally. I came home, put groceries away, then stayed up organizing the playroom until 2 a.m. :P That cappuccino wasn't large, it wasn't gourmet, but---'twas *potent*

    Bwahaha, Dana, I shout my lame from the *rooftops*. Indeed that must be the foundation upon which our friendship is built. ;) As for my WIP, you'll hear more when its not a stinking pile of mess. So, it could be a while...;)

  4. I never thought of that!

    (And you can buy chocolate!)


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