Thursday, March 17, 2011

Muse-Flash! Dreams that Getcha

Last night was filled with fever-dreams.  My four-year-old had dreams so vivid that he still saw them even when we spoke lucidly together.  He couldn't stop staring at his wall.  He said it was crumbling and that bad men were hurting the animals.  When I asked him what animals he said "baby seals and hippos".  I was glad it wasn't snakes and lizards as then I'd be worried about it being a result of our first Herpetological Society meeting which we attended last night:

Luckily the snakes and lizards were safe from his bad-guys, and Pat was eventually able to talk him down by imagining the tree-house they'd build together someday.

As I snuggled with him and listened to his fears, though, I found myself wishing I could see the scenario he was dreaming.  What creative scene had his mind envisioned to involve bad men, baby seals and hippos? 

For writers, dreams can spark story ideas.  Sometimes very lucrative ones.  Probably the most famous novel resulting from a dream was "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer.  Unfortunately my dreams never spring fully-formed like that, with dollar-signs attached.  And, while I'd love to mine my most vivid dream-bits for likely fewer bajillions of dollars, instead I'm going to offer them to you as a possible spark:

Here are two dream fragments that stick with me: 

1. I live in a world entirely covered by the sea.  Houses must be anchored and floors are reed mats that float between the walls, unattached.  Maneuvering is tricky as you do not want to get too close to walls or corners or...plop!  I lost my ball that way and was very upset.

I'm thinking Dystopian? Global warming--ice caps melting--tsunamis?.....Take it away! 

2. I'm reading in the tub when the door to the bathroom opens.  My husband stands there, looking at me.  I smile but he doesn't smile back.  Without a word, he stumbles forward and falls.  Another man appears in the doorway behind him. 

This dream spooked me more than any I've ever had. I was happy when we moved away from the house with that bathroom and I could be assured that it would never come true.  

Do you have vivid dreams that linger?  Care to share?


  1. I have the most banal dreams in the world. I once dreamed that I couldn't find my glasses, and wondered around my apartment for *hours* trying to find them. In my dream, though, I was as myopic as I am in waking life, so everything was fuzzy and awful and I woke up with a deadly headache.

  2. Tee hee, Leah, I don't think *that* one's gonna make ya bajillions, unfortunately. ;)

  3. I could lead to wonderfully comic situations. Like slapstick--how many banana peels can a girl slip on? Oh god oh god she thinks that's food and is about to stick it in her mouth! All that, combined with the frantic searching and searching for my eyes....a horror slapstick, I guess.

  4. Whoa... that second dream is really scary! I'm glad you moved away!

    I dream that I'm flying a lot. I'm always kind of disappointed when I wake up!

  5. Hrmmm, it's a stretch, Leah, but I'll give you a pity bajillion. ;)

    Kathy, I love flying dreams! But I hate when they become falling dreams. :P

  6. These are interesting dreams Alina! Have you succeeded yet in converting any of your mental images into a story? I dabble with a bit of writing too and I'm yet to do so with my dreams, but I'm sure it will happen one day.

    Probably the craziest lingering dreams I've had involved an outdoor swing set, a spider, a vacuum cleaner and electricity. I blogged about it a while ago at in case you're interested :)

    PS - I've had a peek through the rest of your site, it sure sounds like you've been through a lot. Keep up the awesome blogging & writing!

    Dan (@HypnagogicTales)

  7. Thanks, Dan! :) I haven't turned any specific dreams into a story, but I've given characters similar dreams to some of mine, with corresponding emotions.

    I commented on your blog post--intense!--thanks for linking. :D


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