Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be a PAL

We all know publishing is changing, right?  It's changing, changing tra-la-la.  (Yes, I just punched myself.)

I'm excited to be under contract with a forward-thinking publisher.  Of course, it made me swoony that the contract was offered by Roald Dahl's editor, but the true appeal was that Stephen Roxburgh's plan for namelos made sense to me.  Traditional publishing is loaded with practices I find baffling, like a bookstore's ability to return books for a full refund at any time--after which those books are often destroyed.  It boggles my mind.  And how will that all pan out with the recent Borders store closings?  Scary.

Nobody knows exactly how things are going to change for the industry, but I love to read about ways in which it might adapt.  And I was thrilled when literary agent, Mary Kole, posted some publishing predictions for 2011 on her blog, many of which mirror elements namelos already has in place.  Perhaps namelos is more "cutting edge" than "on the lunatic fringe" after all. (Stephen's words--he inspired this blog's title).

I'm grateful that publishers like namelos are blazing trails at a time when trails need to be blazed, even as most publishing professionals appear to be desperately trying to salvage the current ways.  As bookstores topple and e-books soar, there's still resistance to any new ideas put into motion.  For now, namelos doesn't appear in the CWIM.  It's not listed for "PAL" status at SCBWI.org (though I've heard it will happen soon).  In fact, it's not listed anywhere it would need to be for a girl to be accepted into, say, established promotional groups for debut authors. I find that frustrating but also exhilarating.

It makes me all-the-more proud that my book will soon be another eye-catching mile-marker on the blazing trail of namelos toward greatness.

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